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1st of July, 2022.


Peter DeCaprio
Peter DeCaprio

About Peter DeCaprio.

Peter DeCaprio is the Founder and CEO of FlowPoint Partners, LLC, a firm situated in Boston, Massachusetts that spotlights on elective techniques and ventures for RIAs and family workplaces. Previously, he was the President and CEO of Crow Point Partners, a firm he helped to establish in 2006. At Crow Point, he was the association’s Head of Trading and Risk Management, and was the lead portfolio supervisor on the EAS Crow Point Alternatives venture during the period that this asset was a five-star positioned fund as rated by Morningstar.

Peter DeCaprio has likewise worked at Evergreen Investments as a senior exec covering the utility, broadcast communications, and media areas. Before this, he held a senior position at Thomas Weisel Partners. He is an alum of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, where he accepted his MBA, and Tufts University, where he achieved a BS in Political Science.

Peter has always been empathetic toward dedicated and deserving students who do not excel as far as they might for a lack of resources. Peter DeCaprio is a true altruist. and firmly believes in equality for everyone, in all walks of life. Peter DeCaprio feels that often talented and deserving students are compelled by circumstances to give up on their dreams for higher education.

Peter is a man of high principles and ideals. He wishes to give equal opportunity to all. As such, he has generously introduced the Peter DeCaprio Grant, a merit-based fellowship.

A Man Who Always Follows His Heart: An Outstanding Achiever

Peter DeCaprio is an entrepreneur of high ideals who is currently the CEO and founder of FlowPoint Partners, LLC. FlowPoint is a well-known specialty asset management company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm focuses on alternative stratagems and investment solutions particularly, for family offices and RIAs. Peter DeCaprio was earlier the CEO and President of the well-known Crow Point Partners, an organization he had co-founded back in 2006. He headed ‘Trading & Risk Management’ at Crow Point. Moreover, he additionally worked as the Portfolio Manager Lead taking charge of ‘EAS Crow Point Alternatives Fund’. 

If you are a bright young student aspiring to be a successful entrepreneur, Peter Decaprio is there to provide assistance, to motivate and help accomplish your goals. Peter DeCaprio is the man who has been instrumental in instituting this prestigious Peter DeCaprio Grant. He is a Financial expert with a mission and vision in life is to support and motivate sutdents seeking to fulfill their ambitions despite all odds.

During his successful career, he has amassed invaluable experience and expertise as an investment expert. Peter DeCaprio offers his expertise to help students find a way through the financial difficulties and create the means to obtain their College Degrees.

Passion for Doing Good – Peter DeCaprio

Prior to the start of his successful career as a professional and an entrepreneur, Peter DeCaprio achieved a flawless academic track record. He graduated from the prestigious Fuqua School of Business of Duke University. Peter received his Masters in Business Administration from this reputed and highly acclaimed business school. He also acquired a Bachelors of Science from Tufts University, where he specialized in Political Science. Peter DeCaprio was a dedicated student, and worked hard with a single-minded focus on achieving his goals. That said, Peter DeCaprio can relate to students, who are ambitious and wish to do something remarkable and ground-breaking in life. 

A Philanthropist & A Source of Inspiration

Peter DeCaprio has gained recognition and success over the years. He is a highly-acclaimed financial guru in his own right. Peter DeCaprio is also a kind-hearted man, thoughtful enough to never forget his own struggles to obtain his degrees. He has always carried an interest in giving back. That said, he has made it a point to donate to various charities that support diverse causes. He has now been instrumental in establishing his grant, and scholarship, all developed for supporting and providing monetary aid to American students in need.

Peter DeCaprio Grant – Instructions

The Grant is an award that will be presented to the best candidate academically, and the one who is the most prolific essay writer, based on the evaluation of all the applications and submissions received within the specified deadline. A young scholar with dedication and spirit will be chosen as the winner of the prestigious Peter DeCaprio Grant.

The Peter DeCaprio Grant – Guidelines

Before submitting your application to Peter DeCaprio, applicants should focus on fulfilling the specified eligibility criteria given below:

Grant candidates should be currently enroll at a registered, and accredited American university or college.

Applicants should presently be of Junior, Sophomore, or Freshman year.

Amount: The Peter DeCaprio Grant will award exactly $1000.


  • Applicant must be citizens or legal residents of the USA.
  • Applicant must attend an accredited/recognized/registered public or private university/school located in the USA


Applications deadline closes on July 1, 2022.

Application Procedure

Applicants need to submit a high-quality and original essay addressing the topic: “Write about a topic you are passionate about, and describe why it appeals to you.

The following details must accompany the essay:

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • University name
  • Scheduled date of graduation
  • Current GPA

The essay should be submitted as an MSWord document, and attached to an email including details noted above to info@PeterDeCaprioGrant.com

Winner Selection & Award Disbursement

  • The winner of the Peter DeCaprio Scholarship will be declared on July 15, 2022 at PeterDeCaprioGrant.com.
  • The winning applicant will be also informed via an official email issued by the office of Peter DeCaprio.
  • The winner will need to confirm receipt of the email and acceptance of the scholarship within two weeks of notification

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