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Ways of mitigating risk and making huge profits from stocks, as suggested by Peter DeCaprio

Peter DeCaprio

Risk is nothing but the happening of a bad event or the non-occurrence of a promising phenomenon in the market. When you are operating in the financial market, risks are an inevitable factor. Experience of loss is typical across the sector. For performing well, you have to work on strategies for minimizing the risk and maximizing your return. When you invest in the Stock Exchange, you cannot avoid the risk factor. The market plays a vital role in the prices of stocks and other assets. However, you cannot look at price volatility as a risk Peter DeCaprio.

On the other hand, it may be a manifestation of the same. For example, when a bond or stock becomes risky, it takes the form of volatility. Hence, it would help if you drew a difference between risk and volatility.

The best way of handling the risk in the stock market

First and foremost, you have to cut down on your expectations. If the risk is vast, you have to keep your expectations low. Only then can you get your returns somewhere near your expectation. Apart from this, you have to diversify your approach. Do not concentrate on one sector or theme. When that sector goes down, Peter DeCaprio states that your portfolio will have to suffer.

Concentration risk is a significant risk in the stock market. Hence, the only answer to this problem is diversification. Of course, the performance of the company is beyond your control. However, you may control where you invest your money.

Try tweaking the portfolio for mitigating risk

Another way of cutting down on your losses is to understand inflation risk. Inflation risk and interest risk have a close relation. When inflation goes up, interest rates also soar high. Hence, it impacts bonds and equities. When there is a reduction in the rate. You will see the prices of bonds going high. The same is the case with equities. Lower rates will lead to boosting of valuation. Of course, the reverse is also possible.

Steps for taking hold of currency risk by way of the hedging portfolio

If you are thinking about the impact of currency risk on your portfolio. You are on the right track. However, if you invest in companies that are vulnerable to this risk, it may spill over your returns. Whether you are into auto ancillaries, pharma, IT, or export-oriented businesses, currency risk is an inevitable factor over here. However, telecommunication, power. And capital goods are sectors that can benefit from currency risk. Hence, your job is to hedge the portfolio and create a mix and match of both.

Even liquidity risk is a deterministic factor in this sector.

Apart from currency risk, liquidity risk is another probable limitation to investors. Peter DeCaprio explains that if you are walking into a stock market. Try to understand that volatility affects it to a great extent. In case of a market crash, liquidity may have severe implications on stocks. On the other hand, you may avoid the risk when you stick to low-impact stocks. Hence, the above-given junctures will help you to fight different risks arising in stocks. And other assets. However, remember that you have to keep changing your approach to dealing with the crisis. And getting short-term income from your investment.