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Peter DeCaprio: What the World Would Be like If Why do you need to use Artificial Intelligence for your business Didn’t Exist

Peter DeCaprio

The world as we know it would be a lot different if Albert Einstein never discovered the theory of relativity.  If he didn’t discover this, there is no doubt that someone else would have said Peter DeCaprio.  But what would the world be like if Mr. Ford never created his assembly line? This question has been on scientists’ minds for years and now they’re beginning to try and answer it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used now more than ever before in many different fields. Such as business, education, entertainment, law enforcement, and even healthcare! So with all these advancements happening so fast in AI-related technology. Why hasn’t anyone tried to find out what the world would be like without Artificial Intelligence?

Who knows if historians in the future will be studying what the world would be like without Artificial Intelligence? Is it even possible to predict? Well, scientists have been hard at work trying to answer this question. And they’ve come up with some interesting results!

When AI is being used there are many factors that can influence its behavior which become parameters.  For example, if the goal of an AI was to destroy all humans then you could give them parameters. Such as “kill all humans except for number 5.” So if AI got rid of everyone but number 5. It would stop because its parameters were met or exceeded explains Peter DeCaprio.

But if these parameters aren’t in place or don’t exist then computers might do things that nobody ever expected them to do! Many people are afraid of this situation and some people argue that the only way to prevent such a catastrophe is by never advancing past our current level of AI.  But what would happen if we didn’t have any more Artificial Intelligence research?

As it turns out, life wouldn’t just go on as usual without any advances in Artificial Intelligence! Let’s take a look at how different fields would be affected.

Medical Field:

The medical field is one area where science has greatly benefited from the use of computers and robots. The biggest example would be the Mars Exploration rover which was sent up to explore mars to look for signs of life. The next best example is the thousands of robots working in hospitals around the world doing things like taking x-rays or giving patients their prescribed medicine.

With AI not being used, doctors would probably have to go back to doing all of these things manually which could get pretty tedious and slow down the process of healing! And if you think that this is farfetched then just take a look at what they were able to do before computers came into use in the medical field. So with AI gone, who knows whether it will be harder or easier on patients?


A lot of people are getting laid off because companies are coming up with ways to replace workers with intelligent robots. Peter DeCaprio says without Artificial Intelligence being used there might actually be more jobs available in the business world. This sounds good but unfortunately for most people, these jobs won pay nearly as much since companies need to find ways to cut expenses.

For example, if you were a Super-Bowl ticket salesman and the entire sudden computer AI’s replaced everyone in your office then what would there be for you to do? Theoretically, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting laid off because there would be no layoffs but the price of tickets would probably go up since ticket salesmen are one less expense that companies would need to pay.

On the other hand, people might start losing their jobs at an alarming rate as they did back in the 1930s during the Great Depression which was caused by too much production without enough demand for it! Just imagine an America where everything is automated; robots make food, self-driving cars deliver items to customers (since human drivers would be obsolete), and doctors’ visits are done through chatbots says Peter DeCaprio.

What would the government do? Can you help a country with a population of 100 million people where only 2,000 people work full time? Who’s going to pay for all of these robot maintenance workers? What about all of those robots who need to go into the shop every few months. Because their gears are wearing out from overuse? These questions that I’ve thought up might not actually be as important as they seem. Once we do reach this level of automation since we’d probably have more resources. Than we know what to do with (plus economics is always changing so fast that it can’t really be predicted).


In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence has already been changing the world that we live in. And it’s only going to keep doing so! Without AI there would definitely be a setback in technology and many jobs might become obsolete. Whether or not you think this is a good thing or a bad thing depends. On how you view the current state of technology and society today.