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How to mind your mind during the pandemic phase? Essential guidelines by Peter DeCaprio

Peter DeCaprio

For the past year and a half, the world has been going through a challenging time. It can get stressful when you constantly hear about the COVID-19 outbreak and the virus mutation from television, friends, family, newspapers, social media, and other sources. The predominant feeling is that of fear. News and updates about the pandemic make us panicky and anxious says Peter DeCaprio. And it can make us do or say things that are incorrect given the current circumstances.

Guidelines for a better mental health

It has become imperative to take care of our mental health to live well and carry on with our daily activities. Peter DeCaprio shares some guidelines that will help us to cope better.

Know the relevance of social distancing

The act of social distancing got enforced to avert the infection spread and protect ourselves. It means that when you step out of the house, it is essential to adhere to all the safety protocols and act responsibly. Also, if there is a formal lockdown, it is necessary to follow the same for the security of all.

Managing social isolation

For most people staying at home is delightful for a while. And after that, it becomes restricting and boring. It’s because humans are social beings and need their freedom. Here are a few ways to stay cheerful while you are at home.

  • It would help if you tried to stay busy and create a routine for all your activities.
  • Try and distract all negative thoughts by listening to music, watching your favorite film, reading a good book, and the like. Do you have a hobby? Such as gardening, painting, or baking – if yes, it’s time to get back to them.
  • Make sure to take your meals on time and drink ample fluids.
  • It will help if you stay physically active by opting in for simple exercises. Also, It will help to feel and stay fit.
  • It is the time to share and care. If you find that a person needs your advice, care, food, or other assistance, be willing to help.
  • If there are kids at home, you should try and keep them busy. Engage them in household work so that they acquire new skills and feel accountable.

Managing emotional problems

  • When you feel anxious, you should practice deep breathing for a few minutes. It will help you to detach from the thoughts that make you nervous. It would help if you thought of positive, serene, and calm thoughts which will help to slow your mind.
  • If you feel triggered suddenly, you should calm your mind and practice meditation.
  • If you feel afraid, you can manage it by asking yourself questions like what you can control. Are you pointlessly getting fearful of the worst outcome? How did you handle a stressful situation in the past? What can you do to feel optimistic?
  • Everyone feels sad and lonely at times. If you have such feelings, make it a point to connect with your family members and friends. Open communication with them will help you to sort out your thoughts. You might even want to call a few people with whom you haven’t spoken for a long time. Make it a point to discuss common interests and happy events with them.

During challenging times, we need to train our minds to think positively. When you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you can have better mental health during this phase.