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Ensuring good mental health during Covid19 – Tips from Peter DeCaprio

Peter DeCaprio

Despite the Covid19 pandemic making a slow exit, there is yet no reason to feel relieved. The lingering anxiety about how and when the pandemic will go away, coupled with the fear of some new variant of the virus striking back any moment, is stressing our minds and causing a lot of unhappiness, feels Peter DeCaprio. Added to this are various restrictions about movement in public places, which though much relaxed, does not allow us to lead a free life like before the pandemic. The constant comparison between the current lifestyle and the one we have left behind and the urge to regain normalcy at the soonest is weighing heavily on our minds and causing distress. The sense of being unwell because of the new lifestyle that hinders the freedom to live on our terms is highly disappointing and makes us sad.

Despite the opportunities to stay in touch with people virtually, the absence of face-to-face interactions makes us wary.  The pain and agony of staying away from people to minimize physical interactions are mentally disturbing and affecting our wellness.

To cope with stress and anxiety, the following measures should work well in most cases.

Be in control

Despite the restrictions, never allow anxiety and stress to get the better of you. Since we have experience of more than a year in dealing with the pandemic. It gives us more opportunities to take control of things. That help to arrange our lives by aligning them with the new order. Accept the new reality without any apprehension about the outcome. Create a timetable that you can follow daily to ensure that you spend each day meaningfully. Create timetables for every member of the family, including the children. Include many pre-pandemic activities so that they feel comfortable and secure and safe, says Peter DeCaprio. Involve everyone in the family when creating the timetable. So that it gives them a sense of togetherness that generates positivity and brings cheer amid the gloomy environment.

Focus on self-care

In line with the slogan, ‘No one is safe unless everyone is safe’ that has driven the fight against the Covid19 pandemic. Pay utmost attention to your body by exercising daily. Exercise not only ensures good health and fitness but drives away the fear of the pandemic. Regular exercises, no matter how little you can do within the restricted spaces of your home. It will make you more confident about taking control of your life. You will discover new areas of engagement from which you derive a lot of enjoyment. To overcome the fear of the pandemic. Stay active in whichever way you can, even if it means playing with your kids or doing some household chores. Eat healthy foods, keep the body well hydrated, and have a good sleep that improves your health and wellbeing.

The more you stay involved with your children and family and follow a routine for yourself. The easier it will be to remain light-hearted despite the unusual time we are passing through.