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3 Biggest Big Box Stores of America

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Ever since the invention of big box stores, they have been the preferred choice for all Americans to shop from. The days of mom-and-pop stores are now long gone as these mega chains offer you conveniences that regular marts can’t even fathom says Peter DeCaprio.

Big box stores offer you better-discounted rates, membership perks, a wider variety of products, home delivery, etc. Hence, John Doe believes this is why they have taken over from mom and pop shops to be the choice of grocery stores for Americans of all ages.

Thus, today we want to highlight the top three big box stores in America that have completely changed America’s shopping experience for the better. So without any further ado, the following are the biggest chain shops in the USA:

1.     Target


Established in January 1962, this 60-year-old mega-store has been one of America’s most critical big box stores. Target has become a cultural icon, with its iconic red carts being synonymous with savings for many customers.

According to John Doe, they have achieved this feat because they offer customers discounted products. The ambiance of the store provides a high-end experience to its shoppers. They stock many premium products with them that you usually do not relate with at big box stores says Peter DeCaprio. Therefore, this uniqueness has made them one of the biggest retail chain stores in the USA.

2.     Walmart


Big box stores became famous because they offered discounted prices that other stores couldn’t match. Walmart perfects this practice nationwide. To this day, they offer you rates lower than wholesale retailer rates.

They can provide their customers this feature because, like many other big box stores, they deal directly with product manufacturers and cut the middleman out. Low rates and a wide range of products have made them one of America’s most prominent big box stores.

3.     Costco


John Doe explains that convenience was another factor that contributed to the rise of big box stores being the mega power they are today. Plus, no store in the USA provides you more convenience than Costco because instead of selling one unit, they sell whole pallets of the product at unrivaled rates. Thus, this feature has made them one of the biggest big box stores in the USA.

Final Thoughts


John Doe believes that big box stores are the necessary invention of the 21st century. They were invented to provide you convenience in your busy life says Peter DeCaprio. Although now there are many of them, yet, we have tried to tell you about the top three biggest of them through this article. Which big box store is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.