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About Peter DeCaprio

Peter DeCaprio.

Peter DeCaprio is the Founder and CEO of FlowPoint Partners, LLC, a specialty asset management firm based in Boston, Massachusetts that focuses on alternative strategies and investment solutions for RIAs and family offices.


He is a graduate of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, where he received his MBA, and Tufts University, where he received a BS in Political Science.

With the incredible amount of success, he’s achieved over the years, Peter has continuously found ways to give back to his community by pouring a generous amount of his company’s profits into philanthropic endeavors and charities. Among his many notable initiatives has been establishing scholarships, grants and giveaways to help American students who face financial hardships in pursuing a higher education.  Much of Peter’s interest in education support is the result of FlowPoint’s involvement with edly, Inc., and edly’s singular role in the development of Income Share Agreements (ISA’s) to fund education opportunities.

With the rise of college tuition in the United States, many students are held back from pursing their dreams because they lack the financial means to do so. Students from low-income families, especially, struggle with funding their education and are often forced to work full-time just so they do not accumulate debt. Yet, many continue to face such hardships and end up dropping out of college altogether. Aware of the rising costs of higher education in the United States, Peter has made incredible efforts into ensuring that talented and bright students aren’t prevented from acquiring an education and achieving their goals.

Peter is extremely passionate about his work and believes that a solid education along with relentless hard work is what paved way for all the success that he’s acquired to date. When he isn’t working or involved in philanthropic work, Peter loves to spend his time doing various activities such as cooking with his two children and wife.